Market Intelligence

International expansion requires prior research and structuring of strategies, that allow a successful process. At ORBIZ we help you map the markets with the greatest business potential and identify the challenges and adaptation that needs to start or expand the positioning of your brand in the international market and the next business generation.

Commercial Feasibility Studies:

Identification of target markets, mapping of the sector of interest and verification of the absorption potential for the definition of an internal strategy.

Opportunity mapping:

Survey of potential customers, partners, or suppliers, as well as the possibility of acting with competitive advantages.

Regulatory analysis:

Understanding of local regulations, analysis of technical and commercial requirements, tariff, and non-tariff barriers.

Competitive analysis:

Mapping and evaluation of direct and indirect competitors.

Prospecting and Commercial Approach:

Identification of potential customers and partners, qualification and initial approach to develop a business relationship.

Strategic Planning:

Definition of expansion strategies and recommendations for action according to the studies carried out.